On the Road to Red Horse Mountain Ranch. Sorry bout the smoke from California and Washington state fires, kinda ruined the beautiful Idaho Scenery. The narrative was perfomed by "Idaho historian Sheila D. Maddox". Thank you so much Sheila!

RED HORSE RANCH~ Northern Idaho~ I had the Pleasure and blessing of playing my music here this summer. Every Monday for nine weeks. People come from all over the world to stay in the beautiful country and ride horses. During the Covid 19 crisis business slowed down and they had cut the budget for bands. My good friend Andrea who works there asked if I could do my solo band act there so I signed up, it was awesome. The guest would come to the saloon where I Played have some drinks and retire early. So that left me and the staff (The Greatest) there to rock and roll until closing. Beautiful country and wonderful people. Love....


Red Horse Mountain Ranch. Music and dancing at the Soloon!

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