Riverboat (from CD Riverboat One)

David James Vasquez
David James Vasquez aka Riverboat


    This song (Riverboat) was written in the back of my pick-up truck (had a camper on it). I was working graveyard shift, used to work hour on hour off. I had my guitar in the back of my truck and thought how fun it would be to party with all of my friends on a big Riverboat. Names were taken from friends and musicians I used to party with at Tom and Suzie's house. Wrote this song and the name has stuck with me thru the years with all my close friends.

Gig Information

  • Jul 22
    Iron Horse Saloon,  Coeurd'alene
  • Jul 31
    Kaiju Sushi,  Coeur d Alene
  • Aug 3
    1210 Tavern,  Coeur D Alene
  • Aug 4
    Seasons,  Coeur d Alene
  • Aug 5
    Conklin,  Whorley

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