Farmers Night Out (from CD Riverboat One)

David James Vasquez
David James Vasquez


My sister Rain and brother-in-law took the kids and tried to make a living being farmers in Kansas (for real). Didn't work out so when they returned they stayed with me a while. We were sitting around talking and my brother-in-law says you know in Kansas felt like I was "four years on the farm and ten years behind". That was the beginning to Farmers Night Out. The characters were all real, from a long list of talented Nashville entertainers.

Gig Information

  • Mar 30
    1210 Tavern,  Coeur D Alene
  • Apr 6
    1210 Tavern,  Coeur D Alene
  • Apr 7
    Corby's,  Post Falls
  • Apr 17
    kaiju,  coeur d alene
  • Apr 27
    1210 Tavern,  Coeur D Alene

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